Why Not Advocate Dragging Kids Primary Bookbag

- Oct 19, 2020-

There are tens of thousands of kids primary bookbag in the world, so I don't recommend you to use the lever. First of all, it must be admitted that the reason why trolley schoolbags are so popular must be very reasonable. Beautiful appearance can also liberate children's shoulders. No wonder parents will give trolley school bags as gifts to children. A reporter from Kunming randomly checked 10 elementary school students. The results showed that the schoolbags of the two lower grades were 2.3 kg and 2.6 kg, and the kids primary bookbag of 8 students above the third grade all weighed more than 5 kg. One of them was in the sixth grade. The student schoolbag weighs 6.8 kg. Parents would be unbearable when thinking of my family’s burden of carrying several kilograms to and from school every day, but I still wouldn’t choose trolley bags for my children. Because if you don't pay attention, this kids primary bookbag may become a scourge.

Dongfang.com released a piece of news:

When school was over in the afternoon, a "blood case" occurred at the entrance of a primary school in Hongqiao District, Shanghai. A little boy fell to the ground, his mouth full of blood. After diagnosis and treatment by the infirmary teacher, there was no major problem, but the front teeth were knocked off. The cause of this incident was the trolley schoolbag. When school was over, the children all ran out, and the boy tripped over the trolley bag of the previous classmate. Fortunately, the child didn't knock his head, otherwise it would be unthinkable. In fact, the trolley bag will not only trip over others, but also trip yourself. In the classroom, trolley schoolbags are much larger than ordinary schoolbags. They cannot be put in the desks and can only occupy the aisle. Children running over may trip over. After school, if the trolley bag is stepped on by the students behind, it is easy to trip yourself. When going down the stairs, once the schoolbag is out of control, the child is easily involved and tripped.

In fact, the trolley schoolbag is to add a base with trolley to the normal kids primary bookbag. Once upstairs, the weight of the lever and the weight of the books actually fall on the child's shoulders. At this time, it is easier to carry a normal schoolbag. Even if it is on a flat road, a child with a schoolbag can't fight a child with a normal schoolbag. In addition to not being too easy, it is heavier and more risky, the trolley school bag may also have an adverse effect on the child's physical development.

A mother in Jiaozhou noticed that her daughter Qiqi was always hunched and slumped when she did homework, and even hunched over when she walked. After the doctor understood Qiqi’s daily habits in detail, he believed that it was caused by the trolley schoolbag: "The child is still young, dragging the trolley kids primary bookbag every day, the direction of the spine will often be biased to one side, which will easily cause scoliosis." Crying without tears, she deliberately chose the trolley school bag for "decompression and spine protection". But no matter what the name is, the trolley bag is always hand-drawn. The child is in the growth period, the body is very plastic, and the spine is relatively soft. Long-term use of one hand to pull a schoolbag can easily lead to uneven development of the muscles on both sides of the hands and waist, and eventually lead to spine deformation. The trolley schoolbag originally bought to reduce the burden on the children brought endless safety hazards and affected growth and development.

In fact, many schools have blacklisted trolley bags a few years ago.