When Can The Student's Schoolbag Be Reduced

- Nov 03, 2020-

The heavy workload of primary and secondary school students in our city is a concern of many parents. Many children’s schoolbags are large and heavy, containing a wide variety of textbooks, homework books, and learning materials. The burden of studying is heavier, which naturally takes up exercise and sleep time, and also brings about problems such as the increase of "small glasses". In response to this, at this year’s municipal two sessions, a representative of the municipal people’s congress called on relevant departments to correct the problem of increasing the burden on students in schools and to effectively improve the quality of education and teaching.

As early as 1955, my country issued the first "burden reduction order"-"Instructions on Reducing the Overburden of Primary and Secondary School Students." According to incomplete statistics, the Ministry of Education has issued more than 50 "burden reduction orders" since 1985, which shows that the country attaches great importance to this issue. However, despite the "burden reduction order" issued every year, the burden on students has not really been reduced. This also brings about problems such as insufficient sleep and exercise, decline in physical fitness, high incidence of myopia, and obesity.

Zheng Wentian, a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress, found that in addition to school tasks, many students now participate in various out-of-school tutoring training classes. They are fully arranged from morning to night. These pressures undoubtedly affect the physical and mental development and healthy growth of young students.

In accordance with the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Printing and Distributing the Negative List of Six Subjects Exceeding Standards for Advanced Training in Compulsory Education (for Trial Implementation)" and the "Implementation Plan for Burden Reduction for Primary and Secondary School Students in Guangdong Province", Representative Zheng suggested that in teaching, teachers need to implement teaching in place Do not teach offside, move the task of consolidating learning to the classroom, and advocate the assignment of fewer, high-quality, and effective homework, so as to reduce the squeeze of students' autonomous time after class.