What To Do To Meet The Needs Of Students

- Jan 03, 2020-

1. Schoolbag customization needs choose different scales according to different age groups

Generally speaking, the size of a schoolbag for a child who is just in first grade is about 20 * 28cm. As the grade increases, the original size space is now inconvenient for loading books. By 3-4, the size of the schoolbag is about 24. * About 30cm. Then, by the 6th to 7th grade, it is basically close to the adult backpack size, about 30-40cm.

2. Schoolbag customization needs consider design

The schoolbags are used by children and students. The appearance of schoolbags is generally bright, and children generally do not like dark schoolbags. However, the preferences for students above junior high school will be more diverse and generally lower. Little girls in grades often like princess drawings, and little boys prefer car drawings to decorate the appearance of schoolbags. This appearance is easier for children to bear, and of course it will be more popular.

3. Schoolbag customization must consider the rationality of the system

The quality performance of children's schoolbag custom manufacturers' schoolbags is externally based on raw materials and design. It can be judged only by a visual and intuitive feeling. Of course, the internal aspect is responsible for the rationality of the design of the system and the schoolbag shoulder strap. We can draw conclusions from using it. We can draw conclusions about how hard the shirt is and the point of view of force. If these design details are not paid attention to, it will have a great impact on the child's healthy growth, such as the impact on the spine and shoulders.

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