What Should You Pay Attention To When Customizing Children's Schoolbags 2

- Dec 23, 2019-

3.Confirm the number of customized bags

Many luggage manufacturers have a minimum quantity for schoolbag customization. If the customization quantity cannot be reached, the manufacturer either chooses not to accept the order, or the customization price of a single schoolbag after the order is very high. Therefore, before customizing the schoolbag, you must Pay attention to knowing the manufacturer's MOQ early in order to find a suitable manufacturer.

4.Confirm the customized delivery time of the schoolbag

Most custom schoolbags need to be delivered before the start of the new semester, but at this stage is the peak period of various schoolbag customization. Many manufacturers have a full list of schoolbag customization. Therefore, before ordering custom schoolbags, The issue of delivery time must be understood well in advance, to avoid delays in receiving other items and delaying other things is not good.