What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying A Travel Backpack For Long-distance Travel?

- Jan 25, 2021-

1. Backpack capacity is an important reference indicator for travel backpacks. Generally, travel within 3 days and will not buy a lot of things, and the backpack capacity does not need to be too large; travel more than 3 days, in addition, if there are many specialty products in the place you go, and you will buy these products, then you must choose a larger one Backpack, so that you can bring back the specialty products you need.

2. The quality of the backpack may not have many things to travel, but there must be a lot of things brought back. At this time, a good quality backpack is needed. The journey was mostly bumpy. If the quality of the backpack is poor, the shoulder straps and straps are easy to crack, and the thread ends will be very troublesome. Therefore, special inspection is required for the connection of the straps of the backpack.

3. A comfortable backpack will take longer to carry, and it is easy to get stuck on the shoulders, and it is uncomfortable to press on the shoulders. The role of the shoulder strap is very important. If the quality and material are good, remember the outline of the shoulders, and carry it stable and comfortable.

4. The fabric of the backpack If it rains in the tourist destination, you should buy a backpack made of waterproof material, so that it will not get wet by the contents of the backpack even if it rains. If you really don’t catch a cold with a waterproof backpack, you should at least add a waterproof backpack cover. This kind of accessory is very common in sporting goods stores.

5. If the purpose of the backpack is to climb mountains, try to choose a climbing bag, because it has a lot of straps, it is very strong on the body, and it is more convenient to climb; if many people travel together and want to live in the wild, you need to bring more items, then Just choose a big backpack. If it is a city tour or a regular scenic spot, a backpack is generally sufficient. Too big or too complicated is not conducive to queuing, entering and exiting security checks, frequent opening and retrieval.