What Should I Do If Primary School Backpack For Girls Smell

- Oct 06, 2020-

What should I do if primary school backpack for girl has a peculiar smell?

After buying back the primary school backpack for girl, many people will find that the schoolbag has a peculiar smell, it is best not to let the baby use it first, you can use the following methods to improve.

1. In order to prevent damage to the bag, you can soak it in warm water for half an hour and add some flavors to remove the odor. Remember that you cannot choose flavors with acids and alkalis, otherwise the bag will be damaged. You might as well go to the supermarket to ask about such flavors.

2. Dry it directly and use it after the flavor is gone.

3. Put something like dried petals in the bag, or go to the jewelry store to buy some deodorant.

4. Dry the finished tea leaves and put them in the bag. The new ones will be good, but it is a bit too wasteful.

Primary school backpack for girl are things that children must bring before school. They may not be needed for kindergarten children, but they will buy a beautiful schoolbag for them to make them willing to go. Once parents find that the schoolbag has a peculiar smell, it is best to wait until the peculiar smell disappears before letting the child use it. Also pay attention when changing schoolbags for children, try not to buy schoolbags with flavor.