What Should Be Paid Attention To When Cleaning The Travel Bag?

- Jan 18, 2021-

Note for cleaning travel backpack:

  1. The backpack may fade. When cleaning for the first time, do not mix it with other items.

  2. If the backpack is more expensive or has a special meaning, it is recommended to send the bag to a dry cleaner for cleaning.

  3. If the backpack is brightly colored, it is not recommended to dry it directly in the sun, as exposure to the sun will make the bag fade.

  4. The backpack should become loose after washing. It is not recommended to use a drum-type drying and washing machine to clean the backpack in order to save time. This will make the backpack shrink less.

  The above cleaning methods are not suitable for backpacks made of leather, suede or vinyl. It also does not apply to camping bags with inner or outer frames.