What Should Be Paid Attention To In Kindergarten Schoolbag Customization?

- Jan 02, 2020-

1. The materials and scale of the kindergarten schoolbag

Kindergarten schoolbags must pay attention to the selection of material fabrics, select high-quality materials, and ensure the safety of schoolbags is the key point in schoolbag customization. Then, how to identify defective materials? Generally, the defective materials are very toxic, the smell is very strong, and it is very harmful to the children's body. Otherwise, it is also very important to choose the appropriate size according to the physical fitness of the kindergarten children. The schoolbag should not be too large. Is there any specific What about the specifications? Generally, the bottom of the backpack carried on the body cannot be lower than 10 cm below the child's waist.

2.Select regular manufacturers

When selecting schoolbag manufacturers, we must pay attention to the qualifications of the manufacturers. The qualification of a manufacturer is related to the quality of the product. Generally speaking, the materials purchased by regular manufacturers have reached the requirements of the country. The materials are free from pollution and harmful substances. The output product is also guaranteed. Although the luggage produced by other non-formal manufacturers will be relatively low in price, their product quality is not guaranteed, and even defective materials are used to make products, which seriously affects the user's health. Therefore, strict selection of cooperative manufacturers, About schoolbag customization is very important.

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