Wearing A Handbag

- Oct 09, 2020-

Regardless of the difference between men and women, there is one difference: almost any woman has a handbag, but not a man. Every year, the popular styles of handbags are different. Everyone is in a different environment and handbags are also different. People often notice that the handbag in the celebrity's hands indeed changes with the seasons and clothes environment. From the perspective of geomantic theory, whether the handbag selection is appropriate or not is naturally not only about your decent and generous, but more importantly, your fortune. My friend, what you lack may be just such a small handbag. To a banquet? appointment? With it, you can easily control all kinds of occasions at your fingertips, so why not do it. However, does your handbag meet the requirements of physics?

The color of the handbag is the most important 1. Every woman has her own favorite color in numerology. Therefore, your handbag must match your favorite color, at least in a mutual relationship, and definitely not a relationship. For example: if you prefer green for numerology, then it is best not to use red (green) or yellow (relatively gram) for your handbag, other colors are fine. 2. Reminder: If the color of the clothes you wear already matches your own numerology favorite color, which is in a mutual relationship, then you can use other colors for your handbag, because the color of the clothes is the main color, and the handbag is just embellishment.

Handbag styles should be exquisite 1. Handbag styles are almost infinitely different, different from year to season. However, no matter how you change, please remind female friends: your handbag style cannot be too large, too large is not a handbag, it becomes a handbag. 2. Is the handbag good for shoulder or hand carry? Teach you a trick: you can boldly carry handbags that match the color you like to use; but for handbags that are not in a relationship, you can carry it by hand. In this way, in order to promote the strengths and circumvent the weaknesses in the position.

Handbag occasions should be distinguished 1. In addition to the color of the handbag, it also talked about the style. In fact, I think the situation of handbags is also sloppy. 2. Wearing clothes of different styles and colors on different occasions is known to almost every woman. However, ask female friends: Has your handbag distinguished occasions? Some friends ignore this problem: go to work, go to a banquet, negotiate, travel, and even go to the mall or the vegetable market without breaking up. This is quite bad. 3. Usually a small handbag is used for formal occasions, because it is in accordance with the relationship between gold and water. For example: if you go to a banquet, then as long as you can put in: cash, credit card, mobile phone, key, lipstick, cosmetic mirror small handbag, You can go to the dinner party with light outfit.

The birth of a handbag should be understood. The birth of a handbag refers to whether the handbag is out of a brand problem. It is believed that although the price of a handbag is different from a positional point of view, there is no distinction between high and low. Of course, a woman's bag is a symbol of a woman's status in a sense. It is recommended that female friends summarize their handbags to see if they can distinguish between handbags for formal occasions and handbags for informal occasions. Example: Handbags suitable for formal occasions: such as cocktail parties and dance parties, remember that evening wear and handbags should be matched reasonably. This is not when you should be stingy: cheap styles may even make you lose confidence from head to toe. Handbags with high-end workmanship and quality are your wise choice. The material can be silk, velvet, patent leather, beaded fabric and so on. If you want to make a more long-term investment, you can choose black or some metallic colors.