Travel Luggage Cleaning And Maintenance

- Jun 15, 2020-

The first step in the maintenance of travel luggage is of course cleaning. The cargo workers at the airport do not cherish its male handbags just like you. Moreover, they have experienced luggage bumpers, aircraft cargo compartments, luggage conveyor belts and bumpy roads. It will make it dusty. All you have to do before cleaning is to distinguish the material of the suitcase. Different materials, different cleaning agents and cleaning methods are used.

Travel suitcases can generally be divided into two categories: hard cases and soft cases. As the name implies, a hard case is a suitcase with a hard material, while a soft case is the opposite. At present, the common hard box materials on the market are ABS, PP, PC, thermoplastic composite materials, etc. Most of the hard boxes have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproofing, and pressure resistance, so the hard boxes are more suitable for long-distance travel. This material is also relatively simple and convenient to clean: first wipe off the dust with a damp cloth, you can also use some neutral detergents, such as household laundry detergent (PH value 5-7) to remove more stubborn stains. Use a clean soft cloth dipped in detergent to gently scrub back and forth on the shell until the dirt is washed away. After using the detergent, remember to rinse the cloth before wiping the cabinet to avoid residual detergent.

The material of the soft box is generally canvas, nylon, EVA, leather, etc. The advantages are light weight, strong toughness, and beautiful appearance, but its waterproof, compression, and impact resistance are not as good as the hard box, so it is more suitable for short trips, or As a portable boarding case is also a good choice. For the cleaning of canvas, nylon, EVA material box surface, you can use a damp cloth or viscose roller brush to clean the dust on the surface. When removing more serious stains, use a damp cloth or soft brush dipped in neutral detergent to scrub. When cleaning textile materials such as canvas, nylon, etc., gently scrub the fabric along the surface of the fabric. Too much force may cause the surface of the fabric to fluff prematurely. After cleaning, try to remove the surface of the cabinet with a damp cloth or soft brush dipped in clean water. Residual cleaner.

Leather box surface needs special leather cleaning and care agent, there are many similar products on the market to choose from, and these products are generally completed cleaning and care at a time, do not need more maintenance, but it is best not to use belt Clean leather suitcase with colored leather care products. According to the instructions of the leather cleaning and care agent, use a clean soft cloth to evenly wipe the box surface. It is normal to find a slight leather fading on the soft cloth. The oil stains and ink stains on the leather are generally not removed. Please do not scrub repeatedly to avoid damage to the cortex . No matter what kind of box surface is cleaned, volatile solvents cannot be used. When cleaning the soft box with detergent, it is best to detect whether it will cause serious discoloration of the box surface in an inconspicuous place. Scratches or deep scratches on the surface of the cabinet cannot be removed during cleaning.