Some Tests For Luggage

- Dec 21, 2019-

1. Load test. The ability of a bag to accept a certain amount without being bad is necessary. The good news is that it is simple for load testing and does not require special equipment, which is also abbreviated in the test of the luggage specification. The load test is to process the bag. Generally, it is suitable for a solid bag, which is usually used to produce graded label printing that carries more than a large load.

2. Impact test. Bags often need to accept sudden force in use. For example, if you are lifting a brick, you must ensure that you suddenly pull the handle without breaking. With this in mind, the impact test is an important test, and inspectors often perform it strictly.

3. Exhaustion experiment. A handle is very important about the bag. Part of the purpose is to pack the things in between during the transport. The exhaustion test is to check the durability of the bag's fasteners.

4, random test. The misuse test is mainly for straps and shoulder bags, such as laptop storage. This test tensile strength, direct force can be accepted when the belt buckle, random use of test bags and laptops with a single belt is particularly important, because the component distribution is less than the second belt.

5. Falling experiment. Some tests on luggage are used to simulate the rough loading and unloading during the trip. Baggage will often be carried back and forth at the airport and hotel. The product drop test is an important test to ensure that your luggage is not damaged or in transit. Damage.