Open Children's Schoolbag Custom New Model

- Dec 17, 2019 -

Smart production and consumer promotion are the trend of the times. With the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, and seeking personalization has become a trend. Customization of children's schoolbags, this kind of high-end services that existed in the aristocracy in the past, has evolved into a way for the modern middle class to seek personalization. Today, personalized customization covers all areas of society, custom schoolbags, clothes, custom travel, custom gifts, custom furniture ... custom has gradually become a way of life.

However, the customized profession leads to the appearance of various problems due to the personalization of customer needs. The customization of children's schoolbags is considered to be the production problem in the first place. Most of the factories are produced in batches. How can the customer's individual or small batch customization be satisfied? The second is that the production process is not transparent, and the data of each link is uncontrollable. The third is that the repeated construction of factories is widespread and there is no good cooperation to increase power. The fourth is that there are too many levels in the supply chain and the data in each link is not smooth. As a result, the price of the product is often several times higher than the ex-factory price.

But the innovation of skills always brings unexpected gains. What we have to do is to transform the above-mentioned problems in customization based on advanced Internet skills and intelligent production skills, and strive to build a SaaS-based flexible supply chain system. In this flexible supply chain system, factories can Inventory, production, sales and other links are completed and the data can be produced according to the order. Together, the factories can also collaborate efficiently based on the data of the supply chain platform to provide production power and reduce repeated investment. Customers can also enjoy To higher quality and more cost-effective products.