Kindergarten Children's Schoolbag Custom Size

- Dec 28, 2019 -

Kindergartens are generally confused when choosing schoolbags. What kind of size is appropriate for children? Kindergarten schoolbag custom manufacturers introduce to you:

1. For children aged 1-3, small children in small classes, select schoolbags with a finished size of 26cm-28cm.

2, 3-6 years old, young children in the middle class and large preschool class, select schoolbags with a size of 30cm-32cm.

3, 6-9 years old, generally for children in grades 1-3, select schoolbags with a size of 38-42cm.

4, 8-16 years old, children in grades 2-6, select schoolbags with a size of 40-45cm.

The above are the dimensions of kindergarten custom bags manufacturers for reference only, based on the actual height of the baby.