Keeping The Canvas Bag Clean Is Not Difficult

- Aug 04, 2020 -

More and more people consider green and environmental protection when shopping and bring their own cloth bags. Canvas is the main fabric of the bag, because it is strong and durable and can bear a certain weight, and the canvas bag can be used for a long time. Keeping the canvas bag clean is not difficult.

step 1

Remove all the structural parts from the bag, such as a piece of cardboard covered with vinyl that can be put into the bottom of some bags.

Step 2

Fill a shallow bowl with water, then immerse part of the bag in it to test the color fastness of the canvas. Let the wet part of the bag sit in the water for about 10 minutes, and then check the color of the water to see if any dye penetrates into it. Twist the wet part of the bag onto the paper towel; if it drips the dye onto the towel, it will not fade. If it is not colorfast, wash it locally instead of wetting the entire bag to avoid damaging the color. Do not use other materials to clean the bag because the dye may seep onto the bag. If the bag is white or unbleached, skip this test.

Step 3

Pretreat any stains on the bag with a laundry detergent (such as laundry soap designed for this purpose). When using, moisten one side of the laundry soap, and then wipe the stain or stain. If you use other types of detergents, follow the manufacturer's instructions for good results.

Step 4

Wash and rinse ordinary canvas bags in the washing machine, provided that there are no sewn decorative items or other features that may be damaged by the washing machine on these bags, and they are not fading or ordinary. Follow the instructions on the label and look for a care label in the bag to determine the ideal setting for machine cleaning.

Step 5

If machine washing may damage the bag, scrub the bag by hand. Use a soft brush or old terry cloth. Dip a brush or cloth in a mild detergent and mix it with warm water. Shake or wring out the excess water, then use circular motions to clean the stained area of the bag. Rinse the cleaned area carefully, taking care not to wet the unwashable area.

Step 6

Let the bag dry on the clothesline, because machine drying may cause shrinkage, unless the care label states that machine drying is safe.