Is A Travel Passport Walle Necessary

- Jul 27, 2020-

When you travel, you must bring your passport and other relevant documents with you. It is very troublesome to find more things, and it is easy to fall off when you put it on your body. It is necessary to prepare a travel passport walle when you go out.

When going out, passports and other identity documents are very important and need to be kept properly. It is inevitable to forget and lose them when they are out. It is not a good thing if they are damaged. Prepare a passport bag, ID card, passport, pass Ah, it’s convenient to put them one by one in a separate layer and buckle the back on your body.

Our travel passport wallet has four colors and can be shipped to you in time. The interior and exterior are made of durable water-resistant Oxford fiber. There is an extra diagonal pocket on the back, which is large enough to hold your ticket or mobile phone. It can hold 2-4 passports, 5 credit cards. A large zipper bag and a large cash pocket, with a pen slot in the middle, and a removable keychain (removable keychain can also bring you convenience).

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