How To Quickly Add A Logo For Children's Schoolbag Customization?

- Dec 15, 2019 -

Children's schoolbag custom spot backpack can use laser laser skills to laser the customer's logo on the hardware label, and then complete the role of adding logo quickly. The spot backpack is a ready-made product backpack. Therefore, if you replace it with a customer's logo, the logo technology options are limited. Basically, you can only choose hardware laser laser technology. Logo technologies such as embroidery, silk printing, and embossing are either Finished on the product backpack, or the effect is not good.

There are two types of laser laser logo colors: black and natural colors. Needless to say, everyone knows black. The natural color is what the color of the hardware itself looks like. The color of the logo made is not significant. Most customers will choose the more effective black style. Of course, the choice of which style depends on the needs of the customer.

Most off-the-shelf backpacks are produced exclusively by backpack manufacturers in response to customers' lack of goods and urgent supplies. After all, when customers have a small number of customized items or they are in a hurry to go online, spot backpacks can handle many problems. Generally, the customer logo can be changed.