How To Maintain Custom Canvas Backpack

- Nov 26, 2020 -

If the custom canvas backpack is not stained with any special stains, you can put the whole bag in the water and clean it with a brush, but where there are obvious stains, it needs to be cleaned locally. For example, if the bag is stained with oil, you can use dish soap to clean it. When washing thoroughly, use a soft brush and rinse thoroughly! In addition, if you are afraid of fading, you can add some salt or white vinegar in clean water, then soak the bag for about 30 minutes, and then wash it off. This method can effectively prevent fading.

Many custom canvas backpack have a white background with many color patterns. If you do not pay attention to cleaning such bags, it is easy to cause color crossover. It is recommended that when cleaning such bags, use a neutral and gentle lotion, such as shampoo, or use detergent plus fabric softener such as gold spinning, mainly to prevent alkaline lotion from damaging the leather surface, but Be careful not to let the leather surface absorb too much water. It is recommended to wipe the leather surface with a clean cotton cloth. Of course, the final drying is a very important step. If you are afraid of coloring, wrap the cleaned bag with a lot of toilet paper. It must be close to the surface of the bag. This can prevent coloring and yellowing of the canvas. . Special attention is to be paid to dry or air-dried in the shade, do not allow direct sunlight, and when drying, it is best to turn the bag lining out to dry, so as to prevent damage to the surface of the bag during the drying process.