How To Clean Canvas Backpack

- Jul 24, 2020-

1.Wash with soap, so that the decontamination will be very thorough, and there is no need for soft washing, which has a good protective effect on the shape.

2. Open the bag to dry when drying. It is better to avoid fading or damage the pattern. Of course, it is better to help the sun to expose to the front of the bag.

3. Dry the bottom of the canvas backpack upside down, so that it follows the gravity and the force of the bag itself, which is very beneficial to the bag shape.

4. If the canvas backpack is not stained with special stains, you can directly put the entire bag in the water and clean it with a brush. However, where there are obvious stains, it needs to be cleaned up locally. For example, if the bag is stained with oil stains, it can be cleaned. Use a soft brush to clean it thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly! In addition, if you are afraid of fading, you can add a small amount of salt or white vinegar to the water and intrude the bag for about 30 minutes. Then just wash it with water, this method can effectively prevent fading.

5. Many canvas backpack have a white background, and there are some colorful patterns on the bags. If you do not pay attention to such bags while cleaning, it will cause color crossover. If cleaning such a bag, a neutral and gentle lotion, such as shampoo or softener, should be used to prevent damage to the surface of the bag by the alkaline lotion. Note that some water stains and yellowing may appear after the white bag is washed. After cleaning, wrap the surface of the bag with toilet paper, and it must be close to the surface of the bag, so as to prevent color crossover. Prevent yellowing of the wrapper. It should be particularly emphasized that drying the bag should not be in direct sunlight, and air drying or drying in the shade is the most ideal.