How To Choose Handbags For Ladies

- May 18, 2020 -


This kind of bag is more casual, mainly cross-body, backpack and one-shoulder. It is most suitable for shopping and outing. Such bags are generally large in size and have sufficient capacity, and the fabrics are mainly canvas and denim fabrics. And this type of bag is very suitable for DIY. Girls who like to decorate badges and pendants on bags can also show their matching talents.


This type of bag, as the name implies, is bright and rich in color and lively in style, giving people a fresh feeling. This type of bag is used more frequently in the spring and summer seasons, because the color of clothes in this season is mainly light, which is just matched with colorful bags, but this type of bag is best not to choose an oversized style. The colorful big bag is more suitable for the tall body and skin color of Europeans and Americans. It is difficult for Asians to recite that tropical style, so it is better to choose a smaller style.

Steady weight

This type of bag is more suitable for office workers, and the colors are mostly black, coffee, white monochrome or dark plaid. Considering that white-collar workers need to wear formal clothes when working, and the colors of clothing are mostly dark, white, coffee and other dark colors, so the selected bag should have a distinctive style in style and details, such as tassels, rivets, metal chains, inlays Decoration and other details can add highlights to a dull color.


his type of bag has relatively few opportunities for use, and is generally suitable for occasions such as banquets, dances, and weddings. In the choice of fabrics, you can choose gorgeous and shiny materials such as satin and beads. The volume is best to choose a compact type, which can show the dignity and elegance of women.