How To Choose A Children's Backpack

- Jun 04, 2020-

Many parents are now in the wrong place when choosing children's schoolbags. Some parents like to let their children carry large schoolbags. Because of the large space, they can put a lot of things (clothes, water bottles, etc.). Overweight schoolbags affect the development of children. Some parents carry special shapes for their children, but the ventilation is very poor. Here we suggest that parents should pay attention to the following points when choosing a school bag for their baby:

1. Don't buy a school bag with very thin straps and tight shoulders. Children will feel heavy when carrying it. The school bag should be wide and the place where the hand is carried should be hard and wide. , It will be hand-tight when you carry it, and it is not firm and easy to break

2. The space for schoolbags in kindergartens is not the most important consideration, the most important thing is to be light, otherwise it is easy to damage the spine of the child and deform the severe ones. The kindergarten schoolbags only need to put some clothes, others do not need to put. Parents are also reminded here. Many parents like to help children carry school bags. I suggest not to do so. He must be carried to school with a schoolbag, because once the schoolbag is on the back, it is equivalent to telling the child to go back to school and study hard. Just as we have the equipment to work.

3. Make sure the child chooses which schoolbag to buy, because only the one he chooses will know how to cherish it. This will make him interested in learning. Bright colors are the key point. Children aged 3-6 have obvious visual preferences. They usually like bright and bright things and think that brightly colored school bags are beautiful. Toddlers like school bags, they will cherish school bags, they will like to go to school, they will like to learn. Although dark-colored schoolbags are very resistant to dirt, young children do not like them and are not desirable.

4. Cartoon pattern Infants aged 3-6, because they usually lack playmates, like to watch cartoons, are very interested in certain cartoon characters, not only relish them, but also treat them as objects of worship. The cartoon schoolbag of the sound field is the favorite of children! Parents may wish to choose a school bag with justice and wisdom cartoon images for the children, so that the justice and wisdom cartoon images become good friends of the children and accompany the children to grow together.