How To Choose A Backpack For Outdoor Sports

- Jun 02, 2020-

Backpack is a very common product in our daily life, and it also provides us with great convenience. Outdoors, the backpack is also a loyal and reliable partner. The backpack allows us to free our hands outdoors and do more things. Backpacks are also an important carrier for us to carry supplies and are our logistics support outdoors. A small backpack can provide us with great help in the wild

rock climbing:

Conquering mountain after mountain is the dream of rock climbing enthusiasts. Rock climbing is an angle from which we can appreciate the beauty of the world, so outdoor climbing has become one of the hottest outdoor sports nowadays. There are many types of equipment we need to use when climbing, so choosing a suitable backpack is essential.

When we choose a climbing bag, we must pay attention to the backpack must have a heavy loading system and waterproof characteristics, its structural design should be comfortable to carry, and must be very lightweight. In addition, in the process of rock climbing, we are not free to move like other outdoor sports. Therefore, the backpack needs to have many external points, convenient access to items, and strong stability.

We have to face a variety of unknown environments when climbing, so we can choose to carry equipment such as piggyback bags, traveling backpacks and top backpacks.

on foot:

Hiking is a fun-filled exercise that tests your willpower. When we walk in the desert and forest trails of the Gobi, we may have no supplies. Therefore, a backpack carrying materials is your most important life guarantee.

We are divided into short-distance and long-distance walking. We need to carry less materials when hiking short distances, so our backpacks are required to be light and breathable; when hiking long distances, we need to carry more materials because we need to camp and supplement food. Capacity is particularly important. When hiking on a long distance, we have to choose a tear-resistant material and a backpack with a waterproof coating, so that it can be more durable and protect materials. In addition, the carrying material of the long-distance backpack must be soft, comfortable and breathable, so as to effectively reduce perspiration and make our journey more comfortable.

Leisure travel:

We all yearn for the life of backpackers. A bag and a camera, walking as you please in every corner of the world. A person, a bag, where to go and see where, this is the life of a backpacker.

Under normal circumstances, leisure travel bags need to have these characteristics: simple carrying structure, lightweight and portable, and reasonable compartment settings. However, since it is a leisure travel, our most important thing is to do whatever we want. The style and color of the backpack are mainly the ones we like.