Handbag Applications Are Divided Into Three Categories

- Jul 21, 2020-

The term tote bag sounds very formal. In fact, it is the bag used to hold things in our daily life and is named because it can be carried by hand. The materials for making handbags can be roughly divided into three categories: paper, plastic and non-woven fabrics, and the cost is relatively low.

Ordinary handbag

The application of handbags can also be roughly divided into three categories. The first application of handbags is for merchants to store goods. Such handbags are generally printed with the merchant’s LOGO to serve as a walking advertisement. At this time it has another name-advertising bag (called SHOPPING BAG or LOGO BAG in English).

Tote bag used to hold gifts

The second situation of the application of handbags is to hold gifts when giving gifts, also called gift bags (called GIFT BAG in English). In fact, in a broad sense, this is also the first type, just ordinary goods. Turned into a gift, the text pattern printed on the bag is not the logo of the business but a blessing and auspicious pattern.

canvas tote bag

The second situation in the application of handbags is that many fashionable Westerners now use handbags as bag products. Most of these handbags are made of canvas. The fresh and artistic feeling is especially suitable for summer wear. It can reflect the user's personality and mood at the time, so it has become more and more popular among young people (this kind of handbag is called CANVAS TOTE BAG in English).

tote bags are sometimes called hand bags, handbags, etc. In addition, the term handbag generally refers to women's bags.