For Traveling With Only Carry-on Luggage, How Should I Choose A Luggage?

- Nov 09, 2020-

To be honest: Traveling with only one carry-on bag is indeed worth bragging about. Especially for long-distance travel, travel that requires special technical equipment, or international travel, it is no easy task to meet airline baggage regulations. Being able to reduce the number of luggage and insist on carrying only carry-on luggage allows travelers to enjoy mental peace, physical convenience and economic decompression at the same time. So, whether you want to ensure that your favorite pants or a full set of underwear will not be lost in the conveyor belt or airplane cargo warehouse, or you like the relaxed feeling of walking straight into the terminal street from the airport, or you just enjoy the panic passing by the baggage claim area The satisfaction of the crowd, just traveling with luggage at any time is an experience worth trying.

To realize travel with only luggage at any time, it often depends not only on what you pack, but also on what kind of bag you choose. Backpacks and tugboat suitcases are both good choices, but which one is better depends on the type of travel. The following are some of the factors you can consider when shopping for convenient carry-on luggage.

Check bag size

This may seem to be the basic common sense of buying luggage at any time. Obviously, if you want to choose a bag that can be taken on the plane, you must ensure that the airline allows you to take it. Generally speaking, 45 liters is the maximum volume of a backpack or duffel bag that can be put in the overhead luggage compartment. However, not all 45-liter packages meet the airline's size requirements.

The most common size requirement for carry-on luggage is 22.86cm*35.56cm*55.88cm. However, you should also check the specific requirements of your planned flight to ensure that your luggage meets their standards. Backpacks and duffel bags can allow a little room for looseness-because, especially when they are not fully filled, soft-sided bags will be easier to squeeze into the limited space.

Please keep in mind that you may be walking in huge terminals with luggage, so make sure that your luggage is convenient to carry.

Consider the security process

Easy access to the computer in the computer compartment is the most important consideration. The special compartment not only protects the computer, but usually this kind of bag is designed in a position that can be opened quickly, so that you can take off your shoes with one hand, and put the electronic equipment into the basket with the other, and quickly complete the security check process.

And an extra pouch containing a boarding pass, passport or ID card and mobile phone is easy to get at any time, and it can make the journey in the airport more calm. Moreover, there are special bags for the most important items, which can also reduce the chance of loss. Our adventure travel series backpacks are designed with laptop sleeves for you to store electronic devices safely and conveniently.

Look for bags with tightening ropes

Carry-on luggage in the true sense is limited to those suitable for both small passenger aircraft and large passenger aircraft such as Boeing 747. The tightening rope is a structure that can minimize the size of the luggage and expand the luggage to adapt to the model.

Tug boxes, especially hard shell tug boxes, are slightly less ductile. The tightening ropes inside this type of luggage can come in handy: because of them, you can put more things in the bag.