Don't Blindly Use Travel Bags As Hiking Bags

- Dec 16, 2020-

Summer vacation is the peak period for travel. If you have observed carefully, you will find an interesting phenomenon. Foreigners like to travel with big backpacks, while we like to drag suitcases. The suitcase provides a simple and convenient option to pack your luggage, but when you are on a crowded train, walking on a mountain city or on a stone brick road, dragging your suitcase is a disaster.

The big backpack provides another option for travel. It packs everything needed for food, clothing, housing and transportation into the backpack. As long as the backpack seems to have no place to reach, it is highly mobile, whether it is traveling through mountains and rivers, working holiday, Or travel around the world, full of handsome.

Do you know that backpacks are designed for mountaineering and self-service travel?

1. Opening design:

Hiking backpacks mostly use the design of openings at the top and openings for sleeping bags at the bottom. In order to save weight and reduce the risk of water in the backpack in rainy days, the settings of zippers and openings are reduced as much as possible. When traveling, they often stop at designated places. In order to facilitate packing and access to daily necessities, self-service travel backpacks are usually made into a large U-shaped opening, just like a soft suitcase, which is convenient for placing clothes and packing in different categories, and has a zipper pull Usually it is a double ring design that can lock the head.

2. The self-service travel bag has a mother-and-child bag, and a climbing bag has a top bag

Most backpacks for self-service travel have the design of a parent-child bag. When taking a plane, the large bag is checked and the small bag is carried on the plane. When walking in the city, you can also use the zipper to combine the small and large bags and carry them together, which is very convenient. The mountaineering bag has less design of the mother and child bag, because the zipper is installed, which will increase the weight. Some styles of mountaineering bags will have a top bag setting, and the top bag of the backpack can be removed and used as a small bag for the top.

3. Carrying system comparison: the carrying system of mountaineering bags is better

The weight-bearing travel time is longer when climbing, so the mountaineering bag is very particular about the carrying system, and the waist and shoulder straps are obviously thicker. When traveling on your own, you usually move between cities or on vehicles, and the load-bearing time is not as long as mountaineering. Therefore, the carrying system is relatively excellent without mountaineering bags. When checking the self-service travel bag, the waist belt and shoulder strap can be stored.

The self-service travel backpack takes into account the problem of consignment when going abroad, and is equipped with a belt and shoulder strap storage design, so that the shoulder strap and waist belt of the backpack are not exposed when checked, so as to avoid damage to the backpack caused by improper pulling on the turntable or during transportation.