Do You Think Your Pocket Is Very Dirty

- Dec 22, 2020 -

Waistbag-if you have experienced the 80s and 90s, you must know its gorgeous title: Waistbag-this is one of the most mysterious accessories in the history of clothing, also known as the original sin of fashion, the heinous styling killer.

However, in recent seasons, this small bag, which was once regarded as an explosive and infamous bag, has begun to appear on the streets and fashion flyovers, reaching its peak this year. Fashion is in constant reincarnation. It’s true that fashion designers often try on clothes that are not realistic to wear, emphasizing their "conceptual" nature, but how come it is the turn of the waist bag, a single product that never existed in reincarnation? Is the Pili waist bag really washed white?

The birth of the modern waist bag is said to be invented by Melba Stone, an Australian housewife. It is said that Stone, who is divorced and has 10 children, used her family to do housework and take care of children more conveniently. The kangaroo in the backyard (of course it is a kangaroo) got inspiration and made a bag that can be tied around her waist, and put it in her baby and many household items, while also freeing her hands-"it is said that".

Then in the 1980s, a new version of the evil waist bag was born. The Americans improved the waist bag made by Stone, reduced it and added more layered and zippered pockets. You can buckle this small bag on your front, back, or side waist. In between, put some personal items in, practicality is the biggest selling point of the waist bag. The Pili waist bag has many titles and differs from country to country: Waist bag, Belly bag, Belt pack, Bum bag... and the most versatile Fanny Pack—because most people initially hung this waist bag on top of their buttocks. Fanny is a common saying in the United States. The middle is the meaning of butt, which is directly translated

Perhaps because the size is convenient to carry, easy to carry, and safe, it can be loaded into essential personal items such as keys and passports. Many middle-aged and elderly tourists in the United States (not caring about the shape) begin to use the Pili waist pack as a must-have when traveling. Accessories, usually they match, will be a weird color T-shirt with a logo of a tourist attraction; a pair of earth-colored casual shorts, flip-flops or outdoor sports shoes, and a pair of bicycle racing sunglasses (usually, also A glasses rope will be used to tie the temples).