Difference Between Off The Shelf Backpack And Customized Backpack

- Apr 24, 2020 -

1. Individual differences

The customized backpack has strong personalization and the off the shelf backpack has fixity. Customized knapsack can be selected by customers according to their needs, from knapsack fabric, color, style, size, logo printing technology and other aspects, with strong personalized customization effect. The spot knapsack is produced for the convenience of small batch of customers. The style, fabric, color and size of the spot knapsack can't be modified. The logo printing technology is generally only laser laser and silk screen printing. Basically, the change of the spot knapsack is unlikely, which is relatively single.

2. Price difference

For the same type of backpack, the customized price is relatively lower than the spot price, because if the customized backpack is customized, the order quantity will be placed there. If there is no certain quantity, the manufacturer will not accept the order to save the production cost. For the customized backpack, the manufacturer is mainly for the purpose of small profits and high sales. And there is no regulation on the quantity of bags in stock. Even if you only buy one, the manufacturer will take the order. There is no certain quantity, the production cost is relatively high, and the price will naturally rise.