Details Of Backpack Customization

- Apr 24, 2020-

1. Zipper part of backpack

The zipper of backpack is an important part of the quality of backpack. The poor quality of zipper directly affects the use of backpack. The zipper consists of chain cloth, chain teeth and pull pieces. The thicker the good zipper chain cloth is, the better the chain teeth are.

2. Carrying part of backpack

The backpack handle provides convenience for the diversified use of the backpack, and there are many kinds of handle materials, including nylon, polyester and aluminum alloy. The material of the handle needs to be strong and stressed. Of course, besides the material, the seam reinforcement on both sides of the handle can also improve its durability.

3. Backpack hardware parts

If the quality of hardware parts is poor, discoloration, rusting or falling off, the quality of the top-grade backpack will directly reduce the quality of the backpack and affect the daily collocation of users. Therefore, when customizing the backpack, the selection of hardware parts should not be sloppy.

4. Logo part of backpack

Logo technology selection is one of the important links of backpack customization. Choosing the right logo technology can complement the backpack style. If you choose the wrong logo technology, the overall image of the backpack will be greatly reduced. The backpack logo generally has metal mold opening, silk screen printing, offset printing and embroidery and other technologies. The metal mold opening is decent, silk screen printing and embroidery are classic and elegant, while offset printing is simple and simple. Each technology has its own style. You can choose the appropriate technology according to different activity themes.