Customized Identification Of School Bags

- Dec 31, 2019-

Schools customize children's schoolbags, of course, they all want better quality, but how to measure the quality of children's schoolbags customization?

1. The first detail to identify the quality of the schoolbag is of course the shoulder strap. High-quality shoulder straps are generally reinforced and have a strong bearing capacity. At the same time, the shoulder strap manufacturing will be quite solid and flat. On the other hand, in order to save money, a shoulder bag with a normal quality usually omits the reinforcement planning, and the shoulder strap planning is relatively thin and not flat.

2, the second detail depends on the buckle of the schoolbag. The buckle on the shoulder strap of a high-quality schoolbag is generally relatively large, solid and stable. The manufacturing is also more precise, without plastic impurities such as burrs. In order to reduce manufacturing costs, ordinary schoolbag shoulder straps are generally made of recovered plastic. This secondary material is simply broken, and the stability of such fasteners is much worse.

3. The third detail is the zipper part. The schoolbag zipper with good hardware zipper will be smoother when pulled together, and there will be less jamming. The zipper handle planning will also be more careful, the handle will be planned relatively large and solid, and the texture is very sufficient. Inferior ordinary school bag zipper is mostly cheap zipper, not only the bearing capacity is not enough, and generally the handles are relatively frivolous, without texture.

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