Choice Of Schoolbag Custom Manufacturers

- Dec 27, 2019 -

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of children's schoolbags, and their qualification levels are also uneven. Some manufacturers even operate without a license. Therefore, when selecting a factory, the campus must determine whether it has a formal production qualification and whether the quality of the products produced by the factory can reach According to national requirements, after all, what children use is very environmentally friendly. If the bag is produced by an informal manufacturer, the price may be lower, but the quality of the bag is not guaranteed, and even harmful substances may affect the child ’s body. Health, so it is very important to strictly select the cooperative manufacturers and the quality of children's schoolbag customization.

1. Field trip

The field visit to the manufacturer is the most intuitive. Through the field visit, you can clearly understand the manufacturer's strength, qualifications, and technology. As long as you have seen what the manufacturer is like, you can rest assured when placing an order.

2. Pay attention to the style of schoolbags involved by manufacturers

Children's schoolbags have high requirements regarding style, function, and burden. Irrational design of the burden will directly affect the spinal development of children. Therefore, when choosing the style of schoolbags, you must pay attention to see whether the system of schoolbags is in line with the developing stage. child. When checking the burden system, you need to pay special attention to the shoulder straps, check whether the shoulder straps are wide enough and breathable, and whether there are additional cushions. The design of the style is directly related to the strength of the manufacturer. Therefore, checking the design ability of the manufacturer is also an important factor that the manufacturer cannot be reliable.

3. Word of mouth comparison

The current network is also very prosperous. After the initial selection of the manufacturer, buyers can go online to check their reputation and production capacity, etc., in order to select.