Children's Schoolbag Custom Choice

- Jan 01, 2020-

Children's schoolbags vary greatly in style, function and appearance, so if there are any choices for children's schoolbags?

1. Custom backpacks, which are also the most demanded bags in the market, there are more styles to choose from.

Shoulder bags are the most widely used type of school bags in reality. The method of shoulders can disperse the weight of the bags and reduce the possibility of being distorted. This has a good effect on protecting the spine and waist of children.

2. Compared with backpacks and backpacks, custom-made single-shoulder backpacks have a much smaller market demand, and there are fewer styles to choose from.

The capacity of the shoulder bag is relatively small, which is easy to carry. Otherwise, the shoulder bag is used for uneven load. If it is used for a long time, it will cause uneven pressure on the left and right shoulders and affect health.

3. The custom-made trolley schoolbag is heavier than ordinary schoolbags, but it can drag away, reduce the burden and save effort, free the child's arms, and even go up the stairs easily.

Trolley schoolbags are a new type of schoolbags that have emerged in recent years. However, the price is relatively higher. Otherwise, the trolley bag is relatively heavier. Crowding when going up and down the stairs is prone to safety hazards. Second, if primary school students drag heavy objects for a long time, they may lean forward Lead to spine bending, such as hump, waist collapse.