Characteristics Of Wine Bags

- May 12, 2020-

A wine bag is a portable bag product derived from a picnic bag. It uses new materials, new technologies, and new processes to combine people's needs when traveling or picnicking. The wine bag is light, easy to use and portable, and is suitable for outdoor picnics. Therefore, some people liken the picnic wine bag to a portable "mini bar".

★ Fabric: Oxford cloth is used, which is strong and wear-resistant; sandwich mesh is used for the strap and hand of the wine bag, which is breathable and increases comfort.

★ Structure: independent food storage warehouse and tableware warehouse.

˙Insulated food bin can hold 1-2 wine bottles, equipped with anti-pressure system, food storage is not squeezed. The food silo is made of aluminum foil and passed the European LFBG food safety test, which is environmentally safe. The hot melt seamless bonding technology is used in the food warehouse, and the heat preservation time is up to 6 hours.

˙The western-style tableware is fully equipped inside the tableware compartment. Standard tableware accessories for wine bags: Acrylic tall wine glasses, cotton western-style napkins, stainless steel bottle opener with matte handle, cheese knife with matte handle, plastic portable cutting board, butter box

★ Classification: According to the situation of tableware accessories in wine bags, it is divided into two servings and four servings. The two-person wine bag is equipped with tableware for two people, while the four-person wine bag has four sets of tableware.