Care Notes For Leather Bags

- Apr 21, 2020-

Leather bags are a relatively textured type in bag products. They basically follow the middle and high-end line. Thanks to the continuous progress of artificial leather technology, more and more leather bags begin to enter people's lives. Leather bags are different from cloth bags. They are more vulnerable and easy to be damaged. Therefore, special care is required in the daily use process to extend their service life. Here are the maintenance precautions for leather bags

1.Leather bags cannot be washed with water. Although most of leather bags are waterproof, they must not be washed with water when cleaning to avoid affecting the quality of bags. Generally speaking, leather cleaning agent is often used to wipe leather bags during cleaning and maintenance. Generally, the mirror wiping cloth for wiping glasses is a cheap and easy-to-use good helper, which will not scratch your beloved bags. Even application can restore the luster of bags.

2.Leather bags shall not be dried after cleaning. Leather bags shall be put in the ventilated place and dried in the shade after cleaning. Do not take them to the sun for the sake of speed, because the bags after scrubbing are the most vulnerable time. The sudden high temperature irradiation will cause the bags to fade or the leather to be hard, brittle and easy to be damaged.

3. The metal parts in leather bags should also pay attention to maintenance. If there are rivet decorations or metal clasps on the bags, you must also pay attention to the use of metal cleaning agent to carefully maintain, so as not to let the rust of the metal part damage the overall aesthetic feeling of the bags.

4. When buying famous brand leather bags, they will usually be attached with dust bags. If you are not using the bags, please put some newspapers or old clothes in the empty bags and put them into the dust bags. When you store them, you should also avoid folding and overpressure, so as not to cause creases or cracks.

5.Light color men's bags: white, beige, apricot are easy to be exposed to strong light, dust or colored objects have color changes and are difficult to recover after long-term contact, light color leather products should avoid matching with dark color clothing as much as possible, which may cause color pollution, please pay special attention;

6.Please be careful not to rub the leather surface with any rough objects, which may cause damage to the leather surface