Application Of Interior Storage Bag

- Apr 27, 2020 -

Car storage bag: usually used in the car's fender, behind the back chair, on the side of the door, and in the trunk. According to subdivision, there are usually different names. For example: in car storage bag, in car storage box, storage hanging bag, in car storage bag, car storage storage bag, car fender storage bag, car CD storage bag, etc. All such items or names, in the automobile boutique department store, are generally referred to as making automobile storage bags or automobile storage bags

Car storage bag application:

According to different interior positions:

1) Storage of the inside fender: it is mainly installed at the fender to facilitate the driver's personnel to take the articles and relevant certificates required in driving. Such as: parking card, high-speed card, gas card, car membership card, glasses, insurance documents, etc.

2) Door side storage bag: it is mainly installed on both sides of the door and the gear head, so as to facilitate the driver's personnel to take the articles and the certificates needed in the driving. Such as: mobile phones, chargers, cigarettes, cards and certificates, insurance documents, books and so on.

3) Seat back storage bag: it is mainly installed on the back of the seat in the car, and its purpose is to facilitate the back seat personnel of the same industry to take and retrieve items and related entertainment items during driving. Such as: mobile phone, charger, book, notebook, car entertainment equipment, etc.

4) Storage of trunk: this kind of products are mainly used to store car washing supplies and car maintenance appliances. Such as: car washing tools, wax, brush, wash car cloth, etc.