Which custom bags will use Oxford cloth

- Dec 06, 2019-

1. Customized handbags, portable bags that are easy to carry with you. The raw materials used for this type of bags are: leather, oxford fabrics, artificial fiber fabrics, etc.

 Second, custom backpacks, this is the most common type of luggage daily, it can be used in many scenes of the day, travel, going out, business can be used, backpacks will generally touch ergonomics, convenient for people to carry daily, raw materials used There are: leather, twill, oxford, nylon oxford, waterproof oxford, etc.

Third, custom travel luggage, we use in the field or in the wild, this type of luggage is more sophisticated in material selection and technology. Most of the materials used to make travel bags are made of leather, nylon or polyester Oxford cloth.

 Fourth, custom portable waist bags, can be used in a variety of scenarios, can be used for work, business trips, daily business and business, this type of luggage used materials are leather, waterproof Oxford cloth, soft leather, nylon materials.

 Fifth, custom shopping bags or gift bags, this type of luggage will first consider environmental protection, which is also the performance of the improvement of environmental awareness of the people, most of the shopping bag materials are made of textiles. Such as cotton sacks, oxford bags, sack bags, flannel bags and so on. Washable, reusable, tough and durable.