The development trend of children's schoolbag customization

- Dec 07, 2019 -

In the foreseeable future, China's children's schoolbag customization will usher in a golden age. It is mainly based on the following aspects. First of all, the continued stable development of the social economy will also promote the development of customized schoolbags for children. On the one hand, the continued development of the economy, people's income levels continue to increase, and consumption capabilities and levels of consumption also continue to increase, which has directly promoted people's consumption of luggage. On the other hand, the continued steady development of the economy has promoted the prosperity of the travel profession, which can directly promote the development of schoolbag customization.

In addition, as the economy continues to develop steadily, it will naturally promote the development of schoolbag customization. Secondly, China's schoolbag customization is still in the initial stage of development, which to a certain extent means that China's schoolbag customization has huge potential and space for development in the future. The beginning of China's luggage industry was after China's reform and opening up, but the real rapid development was after 1990. On the whole, the history of schoolbag customization in China is relatively short.

The channel construction is also relatively extensive, and fundamentally does not change the wholesale circulation-oriented large-scale circulation channel model. Brands, especially those that are truly influential, are relatively rare. The occupational concentration of the brand is very low. Most of the luggage companies in the occupation are small and medium-sized enterprises with relatively equal strength. The competition for the market share among brands is very fierce, and it is more low-cost and low-price competition. There is not yet a real brand that has dominance in shopping malls, and it is still in the stage where thousands of horses cross the wooden bridge.