The bag value of the schoolbag industry, you are the cutest on your back

- Dec 14, 2020 -

The summer is getting closer, and we should all have a plan for traveling! Indeed, the summer vacation is another child's long vacation in a year. Taking the baby out for a walk has become the number one task of the numbness ~

When travelling, prepare a small school bag for your child, which can not only be taken out to the baby during the travel season, but also used to store the items brought to the kindergarten.

How should you choose a schoolbag after all?

Kindergarten schoolbag custom manufacturers tell you to do these homework

1. Shoulder strap should be wide.

Do n’t buy a schoolbag with a strap that is very thin and shoulders tight. Children will feel heavy when carrying it. The schoolbag strap should be wide, and the place where the handle is handy should also be that hard and wide. The large shoulder straps help reduce the pressure on the shoulders caused by the schoolbag.

2. Space is not the first choice

Kindergarten schoolbag custom manufacturer space is not a key consideration, the most important thing is to be light, otherwise it will simply damage the child's spine and the serious will deform.

3. Let your child choose the schoolbag

Be sure to let the child choose which schoolbag to buy. As long as he chooses and chooses the favorite, he will know how to cherish it. Although the dark-colored schoolbag is very resistant to dirt, young children do n’t like it.

4. Lightweight material

Children's immature shoulders cannot bear weight for a long time, so it is important to choose a light schoolbag.

Choosing a schoolbag that is suitable for children can not only double the love of their children, but also an important sense of ceremony. Let the children understand that they have grown up and face the outside world. They are in the crowd no matter where they go. The most pulling "Meng Shen"!