Summer promotion bag considerations

- Dec 03, 2019-

1. Pay attention to the coordination between budget and quality

Most businessmen ’s budgets for promotional bags will not be very high, but the promotional bags are directly facing customers. The quality of promotional backpacks directly affects the image of merchants in the minds of customers. Therefore, when choosing bag styles, we must pay attention Choose the better quality from the limited budget, improve the image of the merchant in the customer's mind, improve the brand promotion effect, and reach the purpose of holding promotional activities.

2.The selection of promotional bags must adhere to the principle of practicality

The principle of practicality is that the selected promotional products must have practical value, and it is best to be easy to apply. For example, cosmetics bags and wash bags that ladies often visit. Shoulder bags and backpacks commonly used by men. This is to make the customer feel that the promotional item is a real and useful thing. I spent two dollars on one product and bought two things to make the customer feel satisfied, which is also one of the purposes of the promotion.

3.Related principles

The principle of relevance is that the selected promotional items have certain correlation or complementarity with the product itself, that is, the customer can use or better use the product if he or she must have the gift. For example, buy a backpack to send a folding bag, a wash bag, a small bag, buy a large bag to send a small bag. The purpose of the company to do this is to allow customers to immediately think of the product when they see the gift, so that they can think of the corporate image and have the effect of conveying the corporate product and brand image.