Planning and development of kindergarten school bags must pay attention to rationality

- Nov 25, 2019-

The planning and development of kindergarten schoolbags must pay attention to rationality, such as the shoulder bag, belt, and weight of the schoolbag. Generally, the kindergarten schoolbag shoulder bag should be large, with a belt, the size should be appropriate, and the body should be light, etc., the overall planning of the kindergarten schoolbag It should be planned based on children's shoulders, back, waist and hips, which is ergonomic and convenient for backpack use.

Children's backpacks generally contain a lot of books and stationery. You should pay attention to the reasonable planning of storage. You can plan according to the functional partition. There should be multiple pocket compartments to facilitate the children to pack books and stationery. At the same time, let the children learn to pack by themselves. Yes, in order to carry out supplies, you can add two net bags on both sides of the schoolbag. Usually, you can bring umbrellas, drinking glasses and other things, and maybe put some snacks to make it easier for children to eat on the way out of school, to prevent children from being hungry. In addition, the tightness of the shoulder strap should be appropriate, so that the child can use it easily, and it can also be useful to maintain the loss of children's supplies.