Maintenance of leather school bags in winter

- Nov 30, 2019-

1. The schoolbags that are to be collected during the off-season are custom-made leather schoolbags customized by manufacturers. Before storage, the leather surface must be cleaned, and a clean shredded paper ball or cotton shirt must be placed in the leather schoolbag to maintain the shape of the leatherbag; Then put the purse in a soft cotton bag and store it in a cabinet, and avoid improper kneading to deform the purse.

2. The cabinet containing the leather schoolbag must be well ventilated. For example, a cabinet with shutter doors is better. At the same time, it is best not to put too many items in the cabinet.

3. The natural oil of leather itself will gradually decrease with time or excessive use, so regular maintenance is required. It is recommended that you do dusting and finishing before storing the leather bags, and then store them after applying maintenance oil.

4. Tips: Newly purchased leather school bags use clean hands to conflict. As long as you use appropriate body temperature and grease, slowly rubbing with your hands, you can make small wrinkles and even small scars disappear.

5. The key to maintenance is "use it cherishly". Whether you usually pay attention to not being scratched, rained, and stained when you use the purse, is the most basic common sense of maintaining the purse, or you will wait until something goes wrong. Of course, the effect is not good.