Identify natural leather

- Oct 15, 2020-

In life, people like to use natural leather, but it is often easily deceived by artificial leather. In particular, some artificial leathers are almost similar to natural leathers in terms of air permeability, flexibility, feel, or appearance and shape. Due to the huge price gap between the two, many people do not know how to distinguish between genuine and fake when shopping. It is easy to buy fake products at a high price. There are several ways to distinguish between natural leather and artificial leather:

Smell of fur

       Approaching leather products, natural leather will give off a strong fur smell. Even some processed products have a strong inherent smell, while artificial leather products have a smell of plastic, not natural leather. The smell of fur.

Look at pores

       Patterns and pores can be seen on the surface of natural leather, and the distribution is uneven. There are animal fibers on the reverse side, and the side section is clearly distinguishable. There are animal fibers on the lower layer. If you scrape with your fingernails, the leather fibers will appear to be upright and fluffy. It feels that a small amount of fiber can also fall down; and some synthetic leather products will also have pores and patterns, but they are not obvious, or there are signs of regular artificial carving, and there is no animal fiber on the side.

Touch by hand

       Because natural leather products are composed of natural uneven fibrous tissue, it feels elastic when touched by hand. If you bend the front side down by about 90 degrees, natural wrinkles will appear. When different parts are bent, the thickness of the wrinkles, There are some obvious unevenness and uneven texture. On the other hand, synthetic leather products feel like plastic when touched by hand, and have poor recovery elasticity. The thickness of the folds after bending is similar, and the texture is clear and uniform.