How to treat the custom price of children's schoolbags

- Dec 08, 2019-

The problem of "bag customization is not expensive" cannot be generalized. Because there are many factors that affect the price of bag customization, the prices of bags with different materials, styles and quantities must be different before, so everyone must learn to treat them differently. Generally speaking, the factors that affect the customization price of schoolbags are mainly the following:

1. Customized quantity of school bags

As the saying goes, small profits but high sales, if there are many customized quantities, the production cost of the factory is not wasted, and the factory's quotation will naturally be lower. Generally, the factory will have a ladder quotation table. To do so, it is enough that the entire price allows the factory to make money.

2. Schoolbag custom style

There are various styles of school bags, each kind of school bag has different materials, different methods and processing procedures. The prices of different materials are definitely different, and there are some schoolbags with different methods and craftsmanship, and the customization of schoolbags is attributed to labor-intensive work, so the cost of craftsmanship consumed is different.