How to identify the strength of custom bag manufacturers

- Dec 10, 2019-

1. Field trip

This is the most intuitive method. The strength of the schoolbag manufacturer will be known at first glance. No matter how good it is, seeing is believing. Real business has to negotiate face to face. Whether a school bag factory is good or not, I still have to look at the production site to understand the process, process, quality control and other aspects of the school bag factory.

2. Pay attention to the official website information summary of schoolbag manufacturers

In the Internet era, many schoolbag manufacturers will have their own official websites. Customers entering the manufacturer ’s official website can check some basic information about the manufacturer, as well as some previous customer cases. The customer cases can directly reflect the strength of the manufacturer. The online communication tool is used for preliminary communication, and the school bag factory's plan, number of people, and daily output can be understood in detail. The strength of the school bag factory can be seen.

3. Pay attention to details

Generally speaking, when you find a bag factory online, make an initial communication online, and then go to the production site for viewing and negotiation, the strength of the bag factory is basically clear. However, before making a final decision, do not ignore some details and further confirm whether the schoolbag factory is professional, such as whether the schoolbag company staff is professional.

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