How to customize the personalized schoolbag?

- Dec 09, 2019 -

First, the business staff of the schoolbag manufacturer will communicate the needs to the schoolbag planner according to the actual needs of the customer, and the planner will make specific plans.

Then, the schoolbag planner will make a first draft of the schoolbag based on the specific needs of the customer and combine some performance elements, and make a paper grid.

Next, the master of the edition room will choose the appropriate fabric according to the requirements of the schoolbag planner. Of course, this is related to the customer's budget, which determines the difference in raw materials.

In the end, the cutting master will cut out various large and small shapes of fabric according to the good paper grid produced by the schoolbag planner. In the end, stitching and assembly is required, which includes various processes such as gluing, edging, embossing, embroidery, and stitching.