How to customize schoolbags2

- Nov 28, 2019 -

3. The price depends on the quality, and the quality depends on it. Do not let the schoolbag become an "invisible killer".

The production cost of the schoolbag is the sum of the required fabrics, linings, hardware, prices and manufacturers' profits. Advanced schoolbags are exquisite in workmanship, and the materials are also carefully carved. The price is relatively high, while low-level schoolbags often have poor workmanship and materials, and the price is naturally not high.

4. Select regular and professional schoolbag manufacturers with guaranteed quality and one-stop service, more at ease.

Schoolbag manufacturers have different production scales, product characteristics, and technological levels. There are not a few small workshop-type factories. If you want to ensure quality, you don't have to toss and repeatedly. It is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer's production qualification. Therefore, before selecting a regular professional schoolbag manufacturer, you must learn to collect the real information of the manufacturer, such as the time of establishment, production scale, number of employees, information certificates and other conditions.