How to customize schoolbags1

- Nov 27, 2019-

1. The shoulder strap of the schoolbag should be solid and light in weight. Do not use residual fabrics.

Kindergarten and elementary school children are when they have long bodies. In the selection of fabrics, high-level schoolbags are exquisitely crafted, and the materials are also carefully carved. High-quality schoolbags are generally lightweight, environmentally friendly, and tasteless. The shoulder straps are solid and play a role in protecting the spine. If you choose a defective fabric, in addition to the heavy smell, it also endangers the health of children.

2.Schoolbag customization should highlight the characteristics, establish a brand image, and promote the effectiveness of publicity. Kindergarten schoolbag custom manufacturers must not only have style, but also have their own unique style. Kindergartens and campuses have custom-made schoolbags and a unique "schoolbag" to establish the brand image of the campus, and it is especially important to improve the effect of publicity. In recent years, with the prevalence of personalized bag customization, more and more campuses have customized schoolbags and uniformly printed campus LOGOs, thereby showing the strength and culture of the campus.