How can schoolbag customization be more popular with children?

- Dec 05, 2019-

1. Consider the size of schoolbag customization needs

As a student bag and an adult backpack have many different factors, the size of the school bag is an important factor in it. Often, the first-grade children's schoolbags only need about 20 * 28cm. There should be no problem. With the increase of grades, the original size can no longer satisfy the requirements for the books. The corresponding 3-4 grades The size of the schoolbag is about 24 * 30cm. Then by the 6th to 7th grade, it will be almost as small as an adult backpack, about 30-40cm.

As the use of schoolbags are children or students, there is no bright surface, no brilliant colors will not be loved by children, of course, the preferences of students after entering junior high school will also change greatly, then say it again. As lower-grade schoolbags, girls will have little princesses, and boys will have cars. These are common pictures used to polish the appearance of schoolbags. Schoolbags with such pictures are often accepted and sold well.

3. Reasonable consideration for schoolbag customization needs

The quality of the schoolbag is an inherent manifestation of the quality of the schoolbag. Because it is different from the surface, it only needs visual and intuitive feelings to determine whether it is beautiful. The schoolbag shoulder system and schoolbag shoulder strap require students to feel it in long-term use If you press the shoulders, do you feel that the perspective of the stress is wrong? If a poor quality backpack is used for a long time, it will bring bad luck to the child, so a good schoolbag burden system can reduce the burden, the force is even, and the length is large It's a good schoolbag.