Factors affecting quality in schoolbag customization

- Dec 11, 2019 -

1. Backpack body

The backpack body is mainly divided into main parts such as main materials, ingredients, front panel (front panel), back panel (back panel), inner insert bag, outer insert bag, and head cover. The fabric of the bag body is the biggest problem, and it is also the main component of the customized backpack. The product function of the backpack is mainly reflected in the fabric, and it is directly displayed. Abstract speaking backpacks are usually made of Oxford fabric, nylon fabric, or cotton fabric. For example, Oxford fabrics can be selected from the density, you can find hundreds of different markings and colors. If a backpack works well, it means that the manufacturer has already done a lot of work simply from fabric selection.

2. Backpack shoulder strap

The shoulder strap of the backpack is a very important part. It not only collects the items that are usually carried on the body, but also can carry weight. With the advancement of production technology, most shoulder straps now have the functions of ventilation, lightening, beautiful, etc., and even some plans also have the function of storage and link. The materials used for the shoulder strap are mostly Oxford cloth, mesh cloth, high-quality sponge, hemming belt, webbing or leather, and some plastic or hardware accessories. If the shoulder strap is customized too short, then the buckle of the shoulder bag will come to the chest, which is a very uncomfortable feeling, which seriously affects the beautiful and double-back experience. In order to prevent this problem, the shoulder strap is generally not shorter than the height of the backpack, or even slightly longer during the manufacturing process. Some shoulder bags should be planned to have a long shoulder strap in a curved shape so as to add length without affecting the beauty.