Customized schoolbags, you can do this for an accurate quote

- Nov 26, 2019-

1. If you have any samples, you can send samples to schoolbag manufacturers.

In general, many customers only send pictures to the manufacturer for evaluation and quote. In this case, it is often difficult for the manufacturer to give an accurate quote because the manufacturer's quote is generally based on the material, style, These are provided by craftsmanship. If there is only one picture to observe and analyze, there must be a large error, so the quote cannot be accurate. Therefore, the best way for customers to get accurate quotes at one time is to send a sample package. Send it to the bag manufacturer, and let the manufacturer quote according to the goods.

2. There are no ready-made samples, and there is a planning and development function concept

When customers have their own clear schoolbag planning and development functions, they first need to find a schoolbag manufacturer to plan and develop a schoolbag planning chart, and then proof according to the planning chart, and only after the proofing is completed, the specific price will come out. In this process, customers are required. Two touches with the schoolbag manufacturer, the first time was about the communication of schoolbag development planning, and the second time was the communication of proofing. After the two touches were completed, the accurate quote came out.

Three, shop around, consult more school bags

Customers looking for schoolbag manufacturers on the Internet will find that there are too many schoolbag manufacturers and how to choose when facing so many manufacturers? Different schoolbag manufacturers have different areas of expertise, their respective advantages are different, and there may be high or low costs. There are also good and bad manufacturers in the schoolbag industry. There are false reports of high prices, and false reports of low prices to attract customers. Demand customers carefully discriminate, pay attention to shop around.