Custom schoolbag common fabric

- Dec 12, 2019-

First, polyester fabrics:

Polyester has high strength, good elasticity, and is similar to wool. It has strong heat resistance and does not absorb moisture. There are many requirements for raw materials such as leisure backpacks and student backpacks that require weight and waterproof and abrasion resistance. Others, polyester fabric backpacks Not easy to fade.

2. Nylon fabrics:

The density of nylon is high, the surface is strong and flexible, wear-resistant and easy to clean. At the same time, it has a good waterproof effect and strong load-bearing capacity, which makes nylon material the first choice for the customization of backpack computer bags. Outdoor climbing bags and cloth trolley cases are often used. Generally, nylon backpacks are mostly designed in simple colors. The raw materials are robust and resistant to dirt and are not easy to scratch. The backpack materials have the strongest anti-aging property and can be used for a long time.

Third, canvas fabrics:

The texture of canvas determines the appearance, feel, abrasion resistance and breathability of the fabric in terms of density. The canvas backpack is more versatile. It has always been the new favorite of fashionable hipsters and the design is more diverse. However, the durable and simple raising of the canvas fabric is a major drawback.

Backpacks have always been popular with customers. Different people need backpacks to choose the corresponding materials. Generally, if a company needs to customize backpacks, it should be positioned according to the user group, so that backpacks with accurate product positioning can receive users. Like it.

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